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We are looking for a digital project manager to join our small, agile team in bringing exciting designs to life while supporting the fantastic work that our team has already produced.

On the average day

  • Ensure projects are running smoothly from first meeting with clients, articulating their needs in clear proposals to scheduling work and checking with our team, through to the end of projects and handover of a site. 
  • Take calls, respond to emails and manage relationships with clients.
  • Problem-solve with our designers & developers to find the best solutions. 
  • Even possibly update a bit of code on a website… it’s a small team and we hope you will learn the basics of code.

Skills & understandings, we expect from a project manager

  • Keen organisational skills and attention to detail.
  • You love technology and get excited about new developments in the digital world like we do. 
  • You proactively communicate internally and with clients, focusing on building good, long-term relationships. 
  • A focus on collaboration and ensuring all stakeholders are involved with key decisions.
  • Common sense prevails.
  • You learn quickly and adeptly transfer your existing soft skills in communication, collaboration and organisation to this role.

As a member of our team, we want you to

  • Get involved with each others projects and learn from each other.
  • Create exciting new websites, bringing your ideas and experience to the table.
  • Work intelligently and efficiently using our suite of project management tools like Teamwork and Resource Guru.
  • Have time to play around and improve your skills - you’ll be given training materials and time to expand your skill set.
  • Go home on time - our office hours are 9-6 (flexi-time available) with an hour lunch.

Our values

  • Work-life balance – we work 9-6 (with an hour lunch) and we mean it. No pulling late nights. Enjoy work but have a personal life!
  • Giving our team autonomy to do their job - you have freedom to flex your creative muscles.
  • Using the right tools to build intuitive and easily manageable sites - we use Sketch, Shopify, Teamwork (for project management), Slack, and Teamflow (so we can be a happy virtual office crew when we're not together).
  • Treating our team and clients fairly and with respect - we're just trying to be nice people and build great relationships.
  • Giving them time to play to grow and
  • Feedback to support that.


  • 31 days holiday
  • Flexible working
  • Lunches 2 days a week
  • Gourmet coffee, tea, beer and soda throughout the week
  • Team drinks at least once a month
  • Pension contribution
  • Gym/fitness contribution

Salary Range

Depending on experience, the salary range for a junior project manager is between £20,000-£27,000/annually.

We outline our expectations of junior so please review this.

Start date

Mid-December/Early January 2022

Hiring process

  • Shortlisted candidates will be asked to join a 15 minute intro call with a member of our team
  • We then ask you to respond to 1-2 scenarios, helping us understand how you'd approach a particular challenge. 
  • Further shortlisted candidates will then be asked to join a call with our founder Nathan and director of operations Eric, for a final stage interview during which we'll get to know you and also present a series of dilemmas to think through


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