eye for detail and passion for user experience

what we're looking for

We’re looking for someone who loves the web and want to help us design beautiful, functional websites for brands doing interesting things.

On the average day, you'll

  • Wireframe and design responsive websites for a range of businesses from start-ups all the way up to companies like Psycle and Fever-Tree.
  • Create novel, fun and redefining branding for both new companies and existing.
  • Collaborate with developers to design new and intuitive user experiences.
  • Interact with our development and management teams to collaborate on pitches and strategy.

Skills & understandings, we expect

  • You can demonstrate how to articulate clear user experiences through wireframes
  • You've designed websites and show sound understanding the fundamentals of the web (i.e. 12 column grids, mobile vs desktop responsiveness).
  • You understand and can apply the principles of atomic design in Sketch including symbols, layer styles, and variables
  • You understand Illustrator, primarily for the purpose of branding.
  • You to share in our love of technology and the desire to constantly push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

As a member of our team, we want you to

  • Get involved with each others projects and learn from each other.
  • Create exciting new websites, bringing your ideas and experience to the table.
  • Work intelligently and efficiently using atomic design
  • Have time to play around and improve your skills - you’ll be given training materials and time to expand your skill set.
  • Go home on time - our office hours are 9-6 (flexi-time available) with an hour lunch.

Our values

  • Work-life balance – we work 9-6 (with an hour lunch) and we mean it. No pulling late nights. Enjoy work but have a personal life!
  • Giving our team autonomy to do their job - you have freedom to flex your creative muscles.
  • using the right tools to build intuitive and easily manageable sites - we use Sketch, Shopify, Teamwork (for project management), Slack, and Teamflow (so we can be a happy virtual office crew when we're not together).
  • Treating our team and clients fairly and with respect - we're just trying to be nice people and build great relationships.
  • Giving them time to play to grow and
  • Feedback to support that.

Where we work

Prior to Covid, we worked in the office full time in Westbourne Grove, London. We went fully remote and have been since. We miss each other, though. So we've opened our office for voluntary work. We plan on returning slowly working our way up to three days a week with the other two remote. That will allow us to collaborate and learn together whereas the time remote gives us time to do things that can be done better independently. It's all a bit of an experiment. 

Salary range

Salaries for junior digital designers range from £20-26,000 and midweight from £27-33,000.

Start date


Hiring process

  1. Selected candidates will be asked to join a 15-20 minute intro call with a member of our team
  2. Candidates who move onward will be asked to complete a scenario/challenge
  3. Finally, shortlisted candidates will then be asked to join a call with our founder Nathan, director of operations Eric and a member from our design team, for a final stage interview


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